Fun Activities You Can Do to Make New Friends

Making friends is an integral part of life, and it’s not an impossible feat, even in adulthood. That opens you up to more people from different walks of life and can open you up to various cultures, stories, and experiences that can make every day more fulfilling. If you’re looking for fun places to make friends or get closer with a group of acquaintances, consider these activities that can bring you together.

  • Bowling

Try heading over to a residential bowling alley and knocking down a few pins together. It’s a simple competitive activity that can get everyone moving without requiring too much of physical fitness, and gives you lots of openings to talk with each other, laugh, and learn more about how the group gets along. These days, it can be a novel experience to bowl together and engage in an easygoing pastime that doesn’t entail staring into screens for long.

  • Dance class

If you feel comfortable about it or you want to take the plunge to try something out of your comfort zone, try joining a dance class. It’s a great place where people come together with a shared interest, you get to learn something new, and you burn some calories, to boot. An excellent way to get into it is by trying out for social dance classes, where it’s not about having a big performance, and it’s more about the interaction with your fellow dancers in a relaxed setting.

  • Festival

at a concert

Whether you like music, crafts, games, or pop culture, a festival is a great way to find new friends who you can geek out with and have a blast exploring things about a shared hobby or interest. Plus, there’s something about watching a live performance together and reacting to the same things that are just exhilarating and tend to make people more likely to be friendly with one another. It’s essentially a community you already know you’ll get along with to an extent.

  • Volunteering

Volunteering for a cause you care about is not only fulfilling but also an interesting way to expand your circle and meet other people who have the same passion that you have about these issues. This sense of responsibility and camaraderie can be fostered the more you work together to make a difference, and the impact can be felt in many ways. A lot of volunteer work entails you to socialize to be more productive and efficient anyway, so this is an excellent outlet for making friends.

  • Pet Fairs

Who doesn’t love animals? If you’re at a pet fair, you’re not likely to find an animal hater (who you probably wouldn’t care to befriend anyway). If you have pets or you just like playing with different animals, this is an excellent place to make friends who also have their pets in tow. You can get your pets to befriend each other, and that always does wonders for bringing people together.

Studies show that it takes around 40 to 60 hours spent together for people to start seeing each other as casual friends, and this is based on the enjoyment they experienced on those hours hanging out. So, go out and have fun with people and make friends you can rely on.

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